Smt Varsha Eknath Gaikwad
Smt. Varsha Eknath Gaikwad
Minister, School Education
Shri Omprakash alias Bacchu Babarao Kadu
Shri. Omprakash alias Bacchu Babarao Kadu
State Minister ,School Education
Smt. Vandana Krishna
Smt. Vandana Krishna(I.A.S.)
Additional Chief Secretary
Shri. Dheeraj Kumar (I.A.S.)
Shri.Vishal Solanki(I.A.S.)
Commissioner (Education)

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Samayojan of Teaching Staff by Sanstha , Local body etc.


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Transfer Portal
Inter District and Intra District Transfer of Teaching Staff.

Welcome to Staff Portal (Teaching and Non-Teaching)

The word 'teacher' represents knowledge; transfer of the knowledge from the teacher to the taught. In fact, the foundation that builds a person in life is to great extent based on the knowledge he gets from his teacher. If there is somebody other than our parents who plays an important role in our mental development, it's our teachers. Foradian pays a tribute to the positive and inspiring role that holds the ladder that we all climb as students

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